These marketers know good text messages...

From social media sign-up and abandoned cart reminders to tutorials and product launches, the use cases for personalized mobile messaging are seemingly endless. See best-in-class examples from eight brands that successfully use text messaging to acquire new subscribers, engage existing subscribers, and drive revenue.

Instagram Stories


Use your social media channels to encourage followers to sign up for your text messaging program to get the first word about new offers & products.

Product Launch


Alert shoppers when a new product or collection has launched. Bonus: give them exclusive access to shop the launch first.

Free Shipping


Send text messages to convey a sense of urgency and share timely information that’s beneficial to shoppers

Abandoned Cart


Don't miss out on high-intent shoppers. Remind subscribers about abandoned carts, and make it easy for them to finish checking out.

Seasonal Sale


Use text messaging to excite mobile subscribers about the new seasonal collection and encourage them to shop.

Limited-Time Offer


Text messaging offers an instantaneous way to reach shoppers who are always looking for exclusive deals from their favorite brands.



Share quality content that directly relates to available products, providing subscribers with DIY projects they can do at home.

Brand Marketing


Use text messaging to inspire mobile subscribers to get involved with your organization or mission.

How You Can Become a Mobile Messaging Master

Define Goals

Grow Subscribers

Send Messages

As with any new marketing strategy, it’s important to first define your goals. Key performance indicators often center around metrics such as subscriber growth and revenue driven.

Set yourself (and your team) up with clear expectations and an agreed-upon method for measuring success.

Grow an audience of opted-in subscribers through mobile & desktop web, email, social channels, paid media, in-store signage (if applicable), mailed promos, and more.

With Attentive’s mobile messaging platform, you can quickly gain text messaging subscribers, enabling you to connect with consumers at every step.

Using real-time browsing and buying data, marketers can send personalized messages at scale. For example, create a drip campaign for new subscribers with a welcome offer.

Attentive’s full-service Customer Success team is here to share best practices, assist in developing your strategy, and help design creatives.

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