Make personalized text messaging one of Biscuitville's top 3 revenue sources

The Best-in-Class Text Message Marketing Solution for Biscuitville

Fast subscriber growth with campaign & triggered messages that drive revenue

Seamless Sign Up Quickly grow your text subscriber list with our patent-pending two-tap sign-up on mobile web

Triggered Messages Automatically send your customers in-the-moment messages triggered by their purchase behavior

Campaign Messages

Easily design and send targeted mobile messages and optimized campaigns with A/B testing and time zone targeting

Use the best mobile messaging platform, built for leading & innovative brands


Backed by 163M+ in funding from Sequoia Capital

Founded by Twitter executives in 2016

Working with 1,000+ leading brands & billions of messages sent

Trusted by 1,000+ Industry Leading Brands


open rates


click-through rates



Free Trial & Dedicated Client Strategy Team for Biscuitville

Create a new performance marketing channel that drives incremental revenue with 25x ROI. We offer a completely free 30-day trial to prove results! Our dedicated strategy and creative services team make getting started easy.

Attentive Studio Leverage Attentive's expert design team to create and customize highly performant sign-up units, growth & engagement strategies, and ensure you are hitting your program goals

Measurement & Analysis Measure all the metrics that matter—like CTRs, conversions, and subscriber growth—and get a clear view into real-time cross-device performance so you can see what's working to drive more business

White Glove Management Build and refine your mobile messaging strategy as you scale with our powerful tools, expert advice, and guidance from your dedicated strategy manager on your industry-leading team

Attentive Accelerate 2020

Restaurant & Hospitality Recovery Fund

Help supercharge the re-opening of your restaurants or food businesses by reaching your customers with text messaging (for free!). Attentive’s 2020 fund is offering free access to Attentive’s text message marketing platform, with up to $10 million in free Attentive-powered text messages and services for accepted applicants.

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